With the head office situated in Vancouver, Canadian Pattison Education Group has already set up 22 branches and over 40 schools throughout Toronto, Canada and metropolises in China. With the focus on education research and development, educational project investment management as well as cooperative enterprise aiming for culture education and communication, Pattison Education covers a range of levels of courses, including language education, senior high school education, university education, training education and quality-oriented education. In the year 2004, Pattison Education Group launched a comprehensive and thorough reform and improvement on world-leading education system ENGLISH DISCOVERIES, which almost swept over 50 countries worldwide and lives up to its reputation as Classics by Bill Gates. Based on this, Pattison Education Group now successfully develop a set of International education system totally catering for domestic status in China, known as Pattison Natural Mother Language learning System.
Shenyang Pattison Education Group constantly creates legendary scores in IELTS and TOEFL examinations. The passing rate of IELTS exam is 93.79%. Graduated students have successfully attended University of Toronto, University of Charlotte and many other prestigious schools. By using high efficient and programmatic methods, Pattison has solved dilemmas of tens of thousands English learners, so that they can find the most suitable learning methods which assist them with great learning effects and therefore enter into world-renown universities smoothly.
Pattison Education Group is committed to create the highest standards of high-end English training in China. It is famous all over the world by using the systemic and scientific theory called FIRST LANGUAGE LEARNING SYSTEM, which is regarded as the Classics by Bill Gates. Pattison is famous all over China because it lets every English learner communicate in English, and signs a promissory contract of its learning effect. At the beginning of 2004, Pattison has become an honorable member of China Trade Council. The Kids Education has been designated as the Main Suite Examinations (MSE) Center by National Education Examination Authority and Cambridge University Examination Committee. Pattison lays emphasis on practical English training and application, combining modern technology with educational concept perfectly, with the commitment to forge the highest criteria of English training.
International Centers & Affiliates
Since 1974 Broward College has been a leader in international education partnering with colleges and universities throughout the world to provide American educational opportunities to students who live outside of the United States.  The BC International Education program model allows students to stay in their home country and complete an Associate’s degree (the first two years of a 4-year U.S. Bachelor’s degree) before transferring to a university in the U.S. to finish the final two years of the degree.
International Centers & Affiliates
We could help you to make preparation for the TOFEL Test step by step.
We will help you to highlight the key knowledge points before the TOFEL Test.
You could improve your weaknesses.
We could answer your questions and you could also take part in the English corners.
Name:Muyuan LI
I learnt a lot during the 2 months in Pattison. When I saw my score, I was quite satisfied. All my hard work was worthwhile. I got 7 this time, reading 8.5, listening 7.5, writing 7.0, speaking 5.5. This score helped me to be closer to my dreams.
Name:Xinpei Xie
I got 7.5 after more than 1 month’s study. This score helped me a lot when I applied for universities. Thanks a lot for all the teachers and consultants at Pattison. The days that I had spent in Pattison were full of fun. I believe I will get a better score with the guidance of my teachers.
Name:Fan Yang
When I first came to Pattison, my teacher helped me to arrange a test. I only got 5.5. After studying here for some time, I got 7.5. I made a lot of progress. Thanks all my teachers for their guidance. I believe that I will achieve my goals if I keep working hard.
We could help you to arrange the registration for the TOFEL Test for free.
If you are a student of Pattison, we could help you to arrange the registration for the TOFEL Test for free. That could help you to deal with the problems related with seats and online payment, which will lead to your ideal university.
Overseas Universities
We have signed the official cooperation agreement with more than 1800 well-known universities, high schools and official educational institutions worldwide, including 43 world’s top 100 universities.【DETAILS】
Nearly 300 professional consultants
These consultants always take part in the training projects arranged by embassies overseas and governmental organizations.【DETAILS】
Nearly 30000 students have studied abroad successfully
We have helped nearly 3000 students to realize their dream of studying abroad. Pattison has been ranked No.1 of language training industry for its good reputation.【DETAILS】
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